Second Sight Home Watch Story

As a family owned and run business in Central Oregon, Second Sight Home Watch knows that leaving your home alone while you travel can be anxiety-producing. Who will mow the lawn? What if someone realizes that we’re gone and tries to rob us?

Our business was founded to put your mind at ease so you can relax while you’re away. We offer services that go beyond just picking up your mail and double-checking your security system. We look after your home as if it were our own to identify potential problems before they happen.  

Second Sight Home Watch is your second set of eyes and a local presence checking your home while you and your family are away.

Our Team

Whether you’re traveling or staying at your other home, Second Sight Home Watch is there when you can’t be. Our team consists of dedicated Bend locals who are just as caring about your home security as we are about our own. We work with you in mind, building relationships that give our customers the knowledge that someone is there for you and your home every day.

christine hainesChristine Haines

Founder & CEO

Christine and her husband Kevin returned to Bend in 2013 after living in Southern California for twenty years. She has 20+ years experience in the construction and property management industry and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. Christine has an innate understanding of the importance of property management, integrity, and home maintenance.

As a homeowner, Christine has experienced the struggle to find a reliable, responsible person to watch over her home while she’s traveling firsthand. She didn’t want a house sitter just someone to come and check on her home. Realizing her challenge was one many homeowners faced prompted her to found Second Sight Home Watch.

kevin hainesKevin Haines

Vice President

Kevin brings with him 40+ years of experience as a territory manager in the irrigation and outdoor grounds industry, where he covered all aspects of residential, commercial and contractor businesses.

He has a natural ability to foresee potential risks and take steps to avoid potential problems before they arise. Kevin exemplifies our company’s values of reliability, commitment to detail, and hard work.


Next Steps…

Whether you own a second home or are traveling away on business or vacation you don’t need to worry Second Sight Home Watch is there when you can’t be.

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